CHANGE & THRIVE: Live Online Workshop

  • 90-Minutes FREE Online Training Session with RONIT ENOS
  • Learn How To Build a Strong Company In The New Norm
  • Understand the TRUE Financials to Consistent Profits
  • Don't Run It The Old Way, Learn To Run It The New Way
  • Re-Engage Your Team To Fit Your Clear Vision
  • Build Your New Roadmap





Join LIVE for 90 minutes with Ronit Enos, a results-driven coach and salon profits trainer! During these difficult times dealing with COVID-19, it’s never been more important than to re-focus on the financial foundation that your salon is built upon.

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • Get 100% Clarity on the Kind of Company Your Want to Lead
  • Learn Why You Need "Profit First for Salons"
  • How to Re-Open and Launch After COVID-19
  • How to Work and Operate in the New Norm









Learn What Successful Salon Owners Do To Have Financial Success, Freedom and Security

Learn what you can do in COVID-19 times to have financial confidence, peace of mind, and a healthy way to manage and navigate through these difficult times. Build a sense of security in your salon now and when you're back to the normal routine.

Business is not complicated and there's a recipe to being successful

You can you build a thriving salon without selling your soul to the time devil.

Join this FREE workshop and learn three things you need to change so you can be part of the 5% salon owners who "Thrive".

You can do this, join our FREE live workshop and be part of our amazing community.

Now is your time, let's do this together...


Let Ronit help you:

  • Get unstuck and break down the emotional and financial challenges.
  • Discover how to create a roadmap that serves your business & personal goals
  • Learn the core principles that will build a company with steady profits
  • Develop a culture that empowers the team to be part of the vision.
  • Learn the mindset and habits needed for a healthier and happier business & personal life.
  • Become a more productive leader and dramatically improve your results!

Ronit is one of the most respected and influential leaders in the industry. Her passion & energy is present in everything she embraces

Here's What To Expect In This FREE 90-Minute LIVECAST Workshop

Clarity of Success

Learn how the most successful salon & spa owners set the right goals to increase profits and avoid burnout. Your business can serve you to the same level that you serve your clients.

Building Wealth

Learn how to make simple and immediate changes which will guarantee profits and consistent earnings every month. Create a six-figure income and never worry about skipping a paycheck again.

Create Freedom

You simply can’t build a thriving business while always being the top producer. Learn how to get out of working behind the chair and start running things as the CEO of your company.

Ronit has over 30 years in the Beauty Industry with 17 years as Maxime Salon Owner, six-time Best of Boston Winner!

Ronit Enos is a business leadership coach that teaches salon, spa and rental suite owners how to take back control of their business. She is the founder of Salon Cadence, a training company for salon & spas to clarify goals, understand financials and build profitability. Systems to attract viable talent, retain clients, build consistent profits, create freedom and allow you to develop a "million-dollar" mindset.

"Working with Ronit has allowed me to see my business through the eyes of a business owner, as opposed to a stylist. By understanding how salons make money and then getting clear on my numbers, my business has grown by 35%."

Owner of Lola Hair Studio, Cambridge MA

"Salon Cadence is a non-competitive, non-judgmental community. Everyone shares. We help each other. We build relationships. That’s unique."

Owner of Glow Beauty Boutique Boston, MA

"I struggled with all the hats I was wearing. Now I’ve been able to remove myself from behind the chair and use that energy to create the salon of my dreams. "

Owner of A Roland Salon, New Cumberland, PA